What Sets Us Apart

Eco Euro Tiles Ltd is proud to offer a classic range of quality handcrafted European paving to the Kenyan market. This versatile and extremely durable product has been produced since the 1990s by our dedicated team.


Compressive Strength - >30 MPa at 7 days

Heavy vehicles can be driven over this well designed paving and it will endure all weather conditions. Due to its early strength, the paving can be installed soon after manufacturing.

Abrasion Resistance – 0.02%

The manufacturing process ensures a hard surface resistant to wearing.

Colour Stability – 100%

We use the highest quality pigments, which form part of the mixture.

Totally smooth and yet non-slippery

Thanks to the special additives in the concrete and excellent technology used, our paving has a smooth finish and at the same time, it is totally non-slippery when wet and 100% safe.

Easy to Install

On a well-prepared surface and no special tools are required. A full range of closures is available, which obviates cutting on straight lines.


A wide range of colours and shapes is available, which makes this paving ideal for decorating outdoor spaces.


Unlike other industrial pavers, ours has the distinction of being handcrafted.


All hard wearing surfaces for commercial or residential developments: Driveways, Walkways, Sidewalks, Parking, Streets, Swimming Pool surround, Courtyards, Parks, Petrol Stations, and etc.